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Mailbox Corner

Please take time to inspect your mailbox regularly to check the following:

  • Is your mailbox post straight?
  • Is your mailbox free of dents and rust?
  • Is your mailbox paint peeling, discolored or faded?
  • Are the mailbox and the post the correct color?
  • Are the flag and house numbers painted the correct colors and properly attached?
  • MAILBOX PAINT COLOR: Kastner Green. The correct green paint is available by contacting arc@echomill.org. A can of paint costs $17.00.
  • FLAG PAINT COLOR: Krylon Banner Red. This is a commonly available color and can be purchased at any big box store.
  • NUMBERS COLOR: Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold. This is a commonly available color.
  • REPLACEMENT NUMBERS: Replacement numbers are available by contacting arc@echomill.org. Replacement numbers are $4..00 each and are already painted.

If you need a new mailbox, it must be the Echo Mill HOA-approved style only. HOA approved mailboxes cannot be purchased at a home improvement store because they are made to order. Please contact ARC at arc@echomill.org for information on replacement mailboxes. Mailboxes are $65.00 and are already painted.


If you choose to accept the task of painting your own mailbox, here are the steps we recommend:

  1. Contact arc@echomill.org and request a can of paint for your your mail box. The only acceptable color is "Kastner Green". Place a check in the amount of $17 (cost of one can) in the HOA box at the front clubhouse; make the check payable to "Echo Mill Neighborhood Association, Inc."
  2. Paint will be delivered to your doorstep by a member of the ARC team.
  3. Select a day when the weather is clear and sunny.
  4. Clean your mail box with a mild cleaner before attempting any work.
  5. Tape or remove numbers.
  6. Sand all rust spots. Apply paint evenly, avoiding uneven, blotching coating.
  7. Let dry.
  8. Remember to paint your mailbox post as needed.

If you have any questions, contact your ARC team at arc@echomill.org.


Updated by RJS March 20, 2017