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Gas and Electric Lights and Maintenance

Gas and Electric Lights

Echo Mill's ARC guidelines are being updated. One of the changes is to allow the conversion of existing gas lights to use electric bulbs. Since there has been interest in this topic, the ARC has decided to publish these preliminary guidelines for gas and electric yard lights.

The most important thing to know is you MUST get approval from the ARC to make the switch from gas to electric. More details are listed below. Also, be aware that these guidelines are preliminary and are subject to change as we learn more about the various conversion kits on the market.

Guidelines for Gas and Electric Yard Lights

Gas and electric yard lights are installed for aesthetic and safety reasons at each residence in the community. These fixtures are required to be maintained in proper operating condition, have two functioning gas mantles or bulbs, and be lit from dusk to dawn each day. The glass enclosure should be cleaned from time to time and the entire fixture must be painted when its finish becomes weathered.

If residents want to convert their current gas yard light to use electric bulbs they may do so at their own expense. Here are the steps to follow and important items to consider:

1 - Submit an ARC request for the change BEFORE the work is started or scheduled. Allow 30 days for approval. The application should include a picture of the kit and details about the type of bulbs used (ex: LED or incandescent, wattage, voltage, color, etc.).
2 - The bulbs must be either clear or frosted white glass. Colored bulbs are not allowed.
3 - All electrical wires running to the fixture must be buried underground or run inside the lamp post.

For safety considerations the following should also be done:
1 - The gas shutoff valve supplying the gas lamp, located at the home's gas meter, must be placed in the off or closed position.
2 - The gas supply line running to the gas lamp must be properly capped or otherwise terminated to avoid the release of natural gas should the valve fail to fully close or be accidentally reopened.

If you have any questions, send an email to ARC@echomill.org.

Gas Light Maintenance

Gas lights need to be maintained in working order. In the development of our planned community, the architects, for the safety and well being of the residents, specified the various forms and placements of lighting throughout the community. The natural gas lamp in front of your home was chosen to provide an uninterrupted source of light even in the event of electrical power outages. This constant light source can be a deterrent to criminal activity and provide safe passage for residents and visitors after dark. See below for resources for gas light maintenance. Click here for Austell Gas Maintenance Information or call Austell Gas at 770-948-1841 ext. 3137. Austell Gas will relight your gas lantern.

Note: Per Section 5.2 of the Covenants, "Owners must maintain all structures and other improvements in a manner consistent with the community-wide standard. This same section requires that Owners shall not permit any structures, equipment or other items on the exterior portions of a unit to become rusty, dilapidated or otherwise fall into disrepair."


Last updated by RJS September 12, 2013